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We’re Here To Help

The Cuisle Centre, Cancer Support Group provide support to local families. We believe no one should face cancer alone. All of our services are provided free of charge.

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What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our wonderful clients


I wish I had known about the Cuisle Centre in December 2015 when I had my Breast Cancer diagnosis. I heard about the Cuisle Cancer Support Centre in 2018 from Mary Shelly the Lymphoedema therapist and I attended for 6 sessions. The results are fabulous. My arm swelling is reduced, and I can see my elbow again. The sessions with Mary were also so holistic that I looked forward to attending each one. The Cuisle Cancer Support Centre has so many programmes for health and recovery. I am now taking part in the “Louise Hay Programme” and loving it. It is only now my true healing has begun. I am also taking part in the “Strides for Life” walking programme, “Living with and Beyond Cancer” programme. When you open the door into the centre there is an amazing atmosphere of calm and compassion but also getting the work done with so many programmes on offer. Thank you to Stella and an amazing team. Could have done with this 2 years ago. So happy to be here now.


It’s a great place to come and actually relax and unwind and not have to talk about being ill all the time. Things you thought you would never need, therapy and a chat with a tea or coffee actually give you real insight into yourself. It is not just for you – it’s for your family as well.


Enjoyed the course very much. I found I got a lot of benefit from it. Each day of the course I related to each topic. The interaction with others was very good and very helpful. Olive was a very good guide and brought out the best in me, helped me to talk about things I found hard to talk about with my own family. Olive had ways of drawing on my innermost thoughts and analysing them. Great course enjoyed it.


The Cuisle Centre has helped us through a difficult time in our lives and given us support and valuable guidance in a kind and professional manner. The benefit of having this type of support so close to home cannot be measured.


The one-to-one counselling helped me to address some painful issues that had arisen during my illness resulting in me becoming ‘stuck’ emotionally. This enabled me to make changes and improve my quality of life.

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